FTSE Day Trader

Detailed forecasting and Elliott Wave analysis of the market and trading opportunities are posted before the open every morning, make sure you never miss out on the next move in the market.

Want to take 40-60 points out of the FTSE100 index on a 3/1 or better risk-reward ratio? Our TRADING OPPORTUNITY alerts, issued before the market opens gives you just that opportunity!

If you follow the daily report as it unfolds you'll have access to our trade set-ups, entry and exit in real-time.

FTSE Swing Trader

If you're trading style is to seek out long and short opportunities that lead to the bigger moves in the market, do not miss our Key Turning Point (KTP) analysis.

Detailed time cycle analysis in three time frames, short term (typically 2 - 10 days), medium term (typically 1 - 4 weeks) and long term (typically 1 - 4 months).

We identify the important turns in the market as they are happening, and with the help of Elliott Wave analysis and Fibonacci projections guide you through the likely magnitude of the next big move.

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Whatever your motives for being in the market, whatever your trading style, whatever your time frame, this unique resource, unlike anything else available to private traders and investors on the internet, will help train, educate and guide you towards a more profitable and rewarding financial future.

No more guessing the next trend, no more getting out of profitable trades too early, no more gut-wrenching losses, you thought the market was a random walk - think again!


Trading Dynamics.co.uk

 Our sister company 'TradingDynamics.co.uk' provides superb three day training courses that introduce you to all the techniques and methods we use right here at Traders Daily.

You can apply this methodology to any financial market - world indices, individual stocks, commodities and currencies. Once you understand how the financial markets work you have the knowledge to profit.



The Library gives you access to an array of useful investor and trader tools including the economic calender for the week ahead, FTSE100 company reporting, ex-dividend dates and important anouncements. Recommended further reading and other websites of value.

For our paid subscribers there is access to the entire time cycle analysis of the FTSE100 going back to its inception in 1984, detailed Elliott Wave analysis and many other valuable research items, designed to assist you in your trading and investing.

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