About Traders Daily

In 2005, founder Simon first launched the TradersDaily.co.uk website. Though modest in its ambitions it attracted a loyal following of subscribers over the ensuing two years. So accurate were many of the forecasts and predictions made by the site's founder and principle analyst that in 2007 he accepted positions with two small London based Hedge Funds and the service was discontinued.

Working on a freelance basis Simon built and trained a small team of traders specialising in trading the FTSE100 index and individual FTSE100 stocks. Over the two-year period to summer 2009 his teams delivered annualised returns in excess of 30% each year, even as the FTSE declined 50% from its July 2007 high of 6,750 to the March 2009 low of 3,460.

Simon has been an active trader and technical analyst since the mid 1990s and has survived and prospered through the ups and downs of his twenty-year career. He has learnt his trade at the coal face, and has experienced every emotion this industry can mete out. Undaunted he still trades actively every day. 

Now in his 50's Simon seeks to resurrect the TradersDaily.co.uk analysis and forecasting franchise.More than that, drawing on his extensive practical experience of over twenty years he now wishes to help other aspiring traders fulfil their potential through the launch of the TradingDynamics.co.uk training website.

Recognising that there is a dearth of affordable high-quality training packages on the market Simon has put together a superb one-day introductory training course suitable for beginners and those that have not yet achieved consistent profitability. The three-day advanced training course is suitable for more experienced traders and those wishing to further develop their trading skills. 


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